lundi 8 février 2016

Norovirus in Raspberries from Chile

No less than 9 Alerts in the RASFF [Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed] are concerning products originating from Chile, since 2006, contaminated by food-borne viruses, either norovirus or hepatitis A Virus.

2016 : Chilean Raspberries contaminated with Norovirus

The four potentially impacted countries in Europe by this norovirus alert, where the products have been distributed are Belgium, France, Luxembourg and the Swiss Federation

Chilean Fruits and Food-borne Viruses

Blueberries, raspberries and mixed berries have been most implicated in the RASFF registered alerts since 2006. Soft fruits are often sources of outbreaks and alerts, which led EFSA to publish a Scientific Opinion on the risk posed by pathogens in food of non-animal origin (…Norovirus in berries).

Chile, a fruit exporter

According to EFEAGRO, Chile has more than 7800 producers of fruits, and 747 exporters of 30 different fruits. Blueberries are in the top four fruits most exported. Asia is the leading area for export.


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